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Useful for treating thrush.  Thrush is an infection caused by Candida Albicans an organism which is normally present in the body in small harmless amounts.
Under certain conditions yeast multiplies rapidly and causes soreness and discharge.  Candida Albicans, like most fungi, thrives in warm moist areas, such as the vagina.  Other species of candida can also contribute to yeast infections.

Most practitioners generally recommend a change in diet that excludes yeast and sugar, along with a supplement programme designed to help readdress the balance in the digestive tract, and heal the gut, as well as support the immune system.
This unique, high potency formula, contains a natural complex of herbs and spices that may help to maintain a healthy balance in the digestive tract. It includes cinnamon bark in combination with olive leaf, fennel seed and cardamom oil.

When using herbs and spices in Lamberts® formulas, we always ensure that we use the correct species and the relevant part of the plant. This is why we have specifically used cinnamon bark since it is the bark, as opposed to the oil, that is principally documented for cinnamon’s therapeutic qualities, including its antimicrobial and antifungal activity. We think you’ll find Candaway™ an invaluable supplement for your practice and one that is hard to beat.
Product Specifications
Typically per 2 capsules
Cinnamon Bark  
provided by 1500mg of a 5:1 extract)  
Olive Leaf  
(Provided by 400mg of a 4:1extract)  
Fennel Seed  
(Provided by 200mg of 4:1 extract)  
Cardamom Oil  

2 capsules daily with a meal.

Caution: Do not take if pregnant or breast feeding.


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