Is it safe?


All equipment used is disposable and surfaces sterilised using hospital grade disinfectants, which destroy all known bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi to ensure no chance of cross-contamination

Filtered water is fed into the colon under extremely low pressure (far lower than is typically seen during normal defecation) ensuring there is no discomfort and importantly no danger of bowel perforation.


The removal of bacteria from the colon also presents no problem as these propagate back to normal levels within a few days. In fact by removing old encrusted faecal material which is a  food source for 'unfriendly' bacteria, colonics actually enhance the spread of friendly bacteria in the bowel.


Colonics are not habit forming, unlike chemical laxatives. So-called natural laxatives may also be habit forming.

Colonics do not lead to a 'lazy' atonic bowel, but in fact help to improve bowel muscle tone and normalise its size and capacity.