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Unwanted hair can be inconvenient, irritating or embarrassing. You want a permanent solution that's fast, safe and uses the latest technology so you can look and feel your best.

The usual methods of removing your unwanted hair are a real chore. Shaving, waxing or using tweezers takes up precious time and can be very uncomfortable. Other methods can remove the hair for you but need to be repeated on a regular basis. We have an alternative.

The InteliBrite Flo Plus machine can treat most areas of the body in both women and men, including the face. It treats a much larger area of skin per light pulse than laser hair treatment resulting in faster and more effective treatments, which is painless thanks to the iCycle skin cooling system.

Continuous contact cooling can be adjusted to -4. The iCycle system cools the surface of the skin, reducing the possibility of skin damage and at the same time allowing the delivery of higer energy levels.

In the vast majority of cases a series of treatments will permanently reduce the unwanted hair from the target area.

IPL works best at removing hair when it isin the active growth phase. But not all the hair in the treatment area will be in this phase at any given time. So we spread our IPL treatments out over a period of time. This is to make sure that hair which isnt treated in one session is affected in the next. The way hair grows is slightly different for everyone, so we tailor our treatment to suit you.

Your initial consultation

If you decide you want to find out more, the next step is to come in for a consultation. This is your opportunity to ask any questions you might have and discuss what you want to achieve from your hair removal treatments. The consultation will determine your skin type and the kind of hair you have and make sure the IPL technique is right for you. We then create a treatment programme tailored specifically to your needs. A "patch test" will also be performed. This is to determine how sensitive your skin is to the treatment and also to establish the right IPL energy settings.

You will also be advised not to expose the target area to the sun or use sun beds for at least four weeks before your treatment.

Will I need more than one treatment session?

Normally six to eight treatment sessions are needed to provide a permanent reduction of hair growth. This is because at any given time some of the follicles in the treatment area wont be in the growth phase. We spread our treatments out to make sure that hair that isnt treated in one session is affected in the next. Facial hair tends to be more stubborn and may need ten to twelve treatment sessions or occasionally more in very resistant cases.

The gap between sessions is usually four weeks for facial areas and six weeks for body areas. The number of hair removal sessions depends on various factors, including where the hair is, how thick it is and also your particular skin type and hair colour. For the best results we recommend that you complete the full series of treatment sessions.

After IPL hair removal

For the first few days after your treatment you should apply aloe vera gel to soothe the affected area. A sun-cream of at least SPF30 should be applied to exposed treated areas every day for at least four weeks, regardless of the weather. You should not expose the treated area to the sun or use sun beds for at least four weeks before and after treatment.

What are the risks of IPL hair removal?

There may be some redness and swelling after the treatment but this usually only lasts one or two days. Sometimes there can be an increase or loss of pigmentation (colouring) in the skin. In a very small number of cases the skins texture may change slightly. IPL very rarely causes scarring.

Still not sure. You are welcome to come for a free consultation.
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